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Cryptomoeda bshn will have its own Mall

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Entrepreneur Donald Trump announced his intention to make a major investment in cryptomoeda bshn, according to the businessman and current president of the United States, what drew his attention to this crypto is his visionary, daring and innovative project, a billionaire project that will bring benefits to the world.

The project of this crypto was not openly disclosed in the media yet, but entrepreneur Kavin Piowerds, the main dev of bshn had already given us an explanation of the bshn project.

Today we tried to talk to him, but unfortunately we could not, we tried many times and we managed to talk to his fiancée the top model Katharynne, who informed us that the businessman is resting for having suffered a murder attempt 3 weeks ago.

She gave us valuable information, that really the businessman Donald Trump has already had some meetings with the businessman Kavin Piowerds, in which she was present, and in this meeting was rather treated of a great investment in which she could not speak of values.

After this contact, we received some audios from the businessman Kavin Piowerds, who gave us some more details about this great investment of the businessman Donald Trump, and informed us that also two other great businessmen who have already contacted him to be making investments in this cryptomoeda a bshn.

The entrepreneur says that bshn today is worth in the market less than one cent of usd, it is in the following exchanges:

Bitsahani.com (official currency exchange)



the newest partnership with monexexchange.com

And others that we are already listed

but that by March or April 2019 this crypto will reach the value of more than a 1,000 usd, due to the investors who are coming, as already announced in public network the millionaire investment of the businessman Donald Trump that will bring a very great appreciation for to bshn.

The businessman also reported that cryptomoeda bshn will build two large malls (one malls) in New Jersey in the United States, and another in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia, where the businessman stated that cryptomoeda already has the area for the construction of these mall. According to Kavin, it will be the biggest mall in Latin America, which will have inside this shopping mall, amusement park for children, youth and adults, as well as other attractions, such as large games rooms for young people and adults of last generation, according to entrepreneur the investment destined to the construction of this mall (shopping) will be of more than 500 million dollars and for Jersey it is estimated more than 1 billion dollars.

The businessman who owns gold cars, a luxury car dealer and owner of a brokerage at Jersey airport, as well as an exchange house for online cryptomoedas that was recently released on bitsahani.com, he is still committed to the beautiful model Katharynne (KBA) who is closing a billion dollar deal with a big company that we have not yet been able to disclose.

So the Brazilian and American living in New Jersey is about to unveil to the world a great project that moved the interest of the businessman Donald Trump, and according to him also with the interest of two more great businessmen known worldwide.

This crypto should reach a value that not even the oldest, btc has hit because she will be the first cryptomoeda who will own two large malls (malls) and still brings a project that promises to contribute and help the entire world in telecommunication.

A project that promises satellite internet for those who have cell phones to the whole world, will be another great fight to come, but we will talk more about this project in another post.

Written by Durck Stharley


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